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At the End of the Day

Did I laugh and dance enough?

August 2011:
I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys -- ages 7 (2nd grade) and 3 (1st year of preschool).
I am a wife to Rob. Married since January 10, 2003.
I am a runner. I may not be fast, but I still run. Ran my first 5K in June 2009. Ran my first 10K in May 2010. Ran my first half-marathon in August 2010. Received my first medal (2nd place in my age group -- 5K) in August 2011. Hoping to run my first marathon in June 2016.
I am a reality TV show addict. But, I only watch what's on network television.
I am a cabin owner. On East Crooked Lake in Nevis, MN. Purchased in June 2011.
I am a reader. I have my library card number and my 7-year old's library card number memorized. I try to avoid library fines, but that happens sometimes.
I am a Golden Gopher Football season ticket holder, and a University of Minnesota Marching Band alum.

These are just a few things to explain who I am, and what I tend to write about.